Aviation Consultancy

Dealing with legal affairs of aviation bodies like IATA & DTS is time consuming and requires complete command on IATA rules & regulations, Our exceptional command on IATA rules & regulations allows us to facilitate travel agents, Cargo agents, Exclusive PSAs/GSAs in the following areas of their business interest.

  1. Applying IATA approval:- Assistance for becoming IATA approved agents both passenger & Cargo
  2. Change of ownership/Legal, Status, name & location facilitate agents for their changes in ownership/legal, status, name & location with IATA
  3. Bank/Insurance Guarantee assistance in arranging bank or insurance guarantees for IATA agents, Bank guarantees for PIA’s PSA’s and DTS guarantee for all agents
  4. DTS License complete processing of new DTS license applications, renewal of license, adding/removing branches to DTS license and any other related matter.
  5. Financial Documents (Balance Sheet)Assistance in arranging financial documents (Balance Sheet) through professional chartered accountants