I really don't know where to start from, all i have to say it has had been a great experience, something that i never expected i will be ever able to do in life especially being a girl but the kind of comfort level and assistance you people provided me , I’m glad i made the move. I was able to score a job within the first 3 days of my job hunt and CV distribution alhumdullilah and all this happened due to the continuous guidance/support of you guys. I wasn't confident enough, had zero hopes because it was a big career move and change for me. I was so unsure about every little thing but I made it yayyy!!!!!!! And thanks to none other but PMS. Thank you guys for letting me explore this about myself and giving me the confidence that when you try hard and work for it nothing is impossible and sky is the limit, you just need to have the will and faith in yourself and Almighty. I found a great mentor in Abbas bhai, his talks about his life journey, motivational speeches, guide lines had been so inspirational and helpful. I got to meet some great people like aamir, sadaf ,safety bhai (mehfooz bhai) and you of course, thank you all so very much for everything, for making me feel at home. For all those who have been thinking to opt for PMS services i would highly recommend this place, just leave all your worries n stresses to them, trust me u will feel yourself to be in good hands and taken care of:) lots of blessings n prayers, kind regards

Fariha Farooqui - Admin Incharge - Nahar Building Materialis LLC